David Furnes is a software engineer based in Brooklyn, New York. 🖥️

About DFurnes.com

The README for this site.

This is my personal website, where I share things I've learned.


Headings and body copy are displayed in Charter, a lovely typeface designed by Matthew Carter. It's included with macOS, iOS, and Ubuntu so it loads lightning fast on those systems. (Sorry for the extra kilobytes, Windows folks).

Accents are displayed in system fonts, such as San Francisco or Ubuntu.

Technology Stack

This current iteration of this website is built with Next.js, a React.js framework that provides a great out-of-the-box experience for static-site generation. It is styled with Emotion and Tailwind (which join forces via twin.macro). The codebase is written in TypeScript, for peace of mind & blessed editor auto-complete.

My notes are edited via Contentful, and everything is hosted on Vercel.

The source code is available on GitHub.